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Google Glass: The Gold Rush Creating New Business Opportunities

Google Glass: The Gold Rush Creating New Business Opportunities

After the phenomenal success of smartphones, the world now awaits the next big hit in the world of technology and mobile devices – the Google Glass, which has already been predicted to be the next gold rush. This wearable computing device allows users to interact with their daily lives in a unique way. And its groundbreaking applications have amazing potentials. Though the initial sales pitch sounded more like a sci-fi movie script, we have already seen some of its applications – more so, the augmented reality part of it.

The glass is well equipped with camera and augmented reality objects are overlaid on top the video to provide a completely immersive experience in the user’s real life environment. This technology has also proved its practical usage. Glasses can provide text in the native tongue of the wearer using augmented reality; thus, helping them to read unfamiliar signs and menus in foreign countries. Google Glass can also help users to automatically understand the dialogue of a foreign language movie. They can provide language-specific subtitles and soundtrack; pretty impressive.

Besides, with Google Glass there are several other possibilities to explore, especially in the retail field. And Google is leaving no stone unturned to make Glass the next big hit. It has been updating the device for bugs and possible enhancements. Recently, the company acquired Flutter, which is a gesture control technology. In fact, it is quite understandable that Google is experimenting with the Glass so that the wearable device provides maximum customer satisfaction. With Flutter in its bag, Google allows users to control their glass not only by touchpad and voice, but also with gestures.

Since its inception, Google has been using the best and brightest minds for developing technologies that amaze the users. And Glass will be no exception. However, there are some privacy and legal issues associated with this wearable device. Many government agencies and other businesses could even forbid users to wear Glasses in certain places. Despite these limitations, Google Glass is here to stay. It has already set the trend and we are already seeing the increasing number of competitors this wearable device is accumulating even before it is officially launched. Developers are also being inspired to create new and innovative augmented reality apps for glass users. However, the true potentials of Google Glass will be tested when it actually hits the retail market.

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