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Google Updates Its Augmented Reality App- ‘Measure,’ But How Functional Is It?

Google Updates Its Augmented Reality App- ‘Measure,’ But How Functional Is It?

Google has updated its augmented reality app– Measure. The virtual measuring tape available through the app will now be available to more users of Android. The AR app was earlier only available for devices which supported Project Tango, the augmented reality computing platform by Google, which is no longer operational. Now, the app will be available for every device which is ARCore compatible. ARCore is the platform used by Google to build augmented reality tools. This means users of Samsung Galaxy, Pixel and Sony devices will be able to use the Measure app.

More About Measure 2.0
Measure 2.0 is supposed to capture quick measurements of common objects that we come across every day. Like many other apps, when you first start the app, you will be asked to grant certain permissions and will be given instructions on how you can use the app. Users need to pant their cameras around for the app to work well. Also, textured surfaces and well-lit areas are recommended for Measure 2.0 to give accurate results.
After the calibration is done, users can select a height or length tool into the viewfinder of the camera with the help of a drawer at the bottom. A grid of dots will highlight the surfaces and users can fine tune the recording by adjusting the ends of the selected tool. You can see the measurement at the center of the phone’s screen and the orange or blue bar.
You can save the measurement by clicking a picture using the capture button at the top right corner. Whether you want a rounded measurement or an exact one with +/- accuracy, you can select it from ‘Precisions settings’ that you can get in Settings. You can also set Metric or Imperial units.

How Functional Is It?
Compatibility wise, Google Measure might be available for many devices now, but functionality wise, it still has issues. When compared to its rival Apple, the iOS app, also called Measure, is much better. The app is available for iOS 12. Unlike Apple’s app, Google Measure has bad depth perception and cannot identify objects properly, even if they are placed in a well-lit area. For patternless surfaces, the app doesn’t work.
Even the measurements can be wrong if the surface you want to measure, is not scanned properly. If the end-point is not placed correctly, then also you will get wrong measurements.

The Google Measure app is suitable if you want to carry out some basic measuring tasks. However, relying on it for some important construction task is not recommended.

Image Source: https://mobilesyrup.com/2018/06/22/google-ar-measure-app-arcore-phones/

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