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Cemeteries Come to Life with Augmented Reality Gravestones

Cemeteries Come to Life with Augmented Reality Gravestones

Imagine cemeteries coming to life with images and videos of the deceased! While it might sound absolutely weird, a Spanish company has actually come up with this idea. The company in Valencia sells gravestones online and is providing their customers an option to access augmented content. Those who buy the tombstones from this company will be able to link augmented content to these and the visitors to the gravestones will be able to access it through their mobile devices. Wondering how this is possible? Check out this post to know more.

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AR Gravestones

The company provides its customers an option to print a QR code which they can attach it to the gravestones they purchase. The visitors who visit the tombstone will be able to view images or videos of the deceased person which tells more about his/her life. The augmented content can be accessed by scanning it with the smartphones or tablets.

eDiamSistemas, the Junaio Certified Developer, created this application. The idea garnered a lot of positive attention. A customer of this company used augmented reality for his father’s grave by linking it with video interviews and pictures of a house that his father had restored.

Animated Gravestones

Apart from the augmented reality gravestones, the company also provides supposed animated gravestones. These headstones come with an in-built player for videos as well as images. Elderly people, who generally do not use smartphones, will find this useful as they can see the videos or images directly from the tombstones. Technology in this way will become more accessible to them. However, these screens can currently be maintained only for five years. So, the company believes that AR headstones are the future.


Customers also get another service to purchase apart from these two. If they feel that they require help to find their way around the cemeteries, they can purchase Realap, a product of Junaio. This product provides geolocation services for graveyards and shows the location of the burial spots as well as an image of the headstone. Locating the burial sites of their loved ones will become easier for people, while they are visiting a graveyard.

Do you find this idea a creepy one? Would you prefer normal gravestones over AR gravestones in cemeteries? We would like to know what you think.

Image Source – www.tenetmobile.com

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