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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft HoloLens

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has made its entry in the augmented reality market with a new device called HoloLens. It promises to deliver more interactivity than the current smart glasses that are available. It uses new hologram programming and Microsoft hopes that the device can encourage customers to want their products, instead of being forced to feel as if they have to use them. The AR device is expected to be released at the same time when Windows 10 will be released.

HoloLens-The Holographic Computer

Alex Kipman, who developed the Kinect device of Microsoft, described the HoloLens as the “first fully untethered holographic computer.” He said at the Windows 10 event of Microsoft “We’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds, beyond screens, beyond pixels and beyond today’s digital borders. We’re dreaming of holograms.”

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Windows 10 is expected to release later this year and the device will also be available within the same time.

The HoloLens has spatial sound, see-through lenses and motions sensors which collect information about the surroundings. The device can understand voice, gestures and the surrounding you are in, with the help of a holographic processing unit. The price of the HoloLens has not yet been decided. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said that the pricing will reflect on the fact that both customers and enterprises should be able to use this device. Microsoft is working with Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA so that they can use holograms in scientific research. Using the HoloLens, the company plans to control rovers on Mars by July this year.

Other Uses of Augmented Reality by Microsoft

Microsoft hopes that other virtual reality and augmented reality companies like Magic Leap, Oculus VR and Google Glass will use this hologram programming in their devices.

There are other uses of augmented reality that the company boasts of. Users can create holograms with the HoloStudio program. A demonstration showed how a quadcopter can be designed within the program and then with a 3D printer, the actual aircraft can be created.

Nadella has the vision of “one Windows” and is simplifying its platform, which will help in running Windows 10 across laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. To do this, the company is changing how its developer community will manage, deliver and build the next-gen software for every device. It is keeping one store and one way through which consumers can download and get access to programs. The HoloLens will be another such device in the hardware network of Microsoft.

Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

Microsoft HoloLens – Possibilities

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Do you think augmented reality market will be enhanced with the entrance of Microsoft? Will you try out the HoloLens when it is released in the market? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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