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Adorable Robot Shows New Features of Microsoft HoloLens

Adorable Robot Shows New Features of Microsoft HoloLens

We are now aware of some of the features of Microsoft HoloLens since it was announced back in January. You can use HoloLens to play Minecraft on our table and NASA is using this platform to explore Mars virtually. Microsoft made more announcements related to HoloLens in its Microsoft Build event. The company will incorporate all apps which are running on Windows 10 in this experience. At the end of the event, the company showed how augmented reality can be blended with the real world using Microsoft HoloLens. This demo was given through an adorable robot.

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Humanoid Bot

In the demo, Microsoft added an augmented reality layer which created a humanoid bot that was named B15. The robot, B15 can be described in the best possible way as an interactive interface for a physical object.

With 3D mapping functionalities of HoloLens, the robot was even able to move through the stage and plan a route to travel around. When the presenter Alex Kipman who was wearing the headset, stepped in the bot’s way, it was even able to adjust its route to avoid collision.

The wearer of the headset can plot a route by mapping the environment and tapping points on the ground to move bots like B15. The points can be considered as checkpoints. With environment mapping, any change in it would cause the bot to find an alternate course.

B15 might not be the interface we require, but it can definitely be the foundation.

B15 has an augmented reality control panel which the wearers can interact with to control the bot. You can use voice control to raise a control panel. To make changes, you can then touch the air, which acts as the panel in that environment.

In the demo, the presenter was able to visualize all the data from the bot’s sensors and control the color of the lights on the physical bot.

How Can this Be Useful?

If you are wondering how this can be useful, Microsoft still cannot offer any concrete answer. As of now, the company has made announcements about Windows Holographic crash courses which the developers who want to create their holograms for this headset, can opt for. The more the number of developers for HoloLens applications, the better we will be able to understand how this technology can be useful for us.

Right now, one thing is clear; telepresence will be amazing using Microsoft HoloLens. This is a step ahead towards robotics and it could also be used for Internet of Things in the future.

What’s your take?

What do you think about this new feature of HoloLens? Have you got the opportunity to try out HoloLens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – computerworld.com.au

Article Source – theverge.com

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