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How Augmented Technology Aids Advertising?

How Augmented Technology Aids Advertising?

By now the term augmented reality is quite popular in the retail and other corporate industry. A number of businesses are implementing the technology to enhance sales and better ROI. However, a smart use of augmented reality that many are yet to implement is to incorporate AR technology in a company’s advertising efforts. It surely will make a difference for the brands and their customers.

Augmented reality blurs the line between the virtual and real-world environment. This capability of augmented reality often confuses users, making them unable to determine the difference between the real world experience and the computer generated experience. It creates an interactive world in real-time and using this technology, businesses can give customers the opportunity to feel their products and service as if it is real right from their current dwelling.

AR technology imposes on the real world view with the help of computer-generated sensory, changing what we see. It can use any kind of object to alter our senses. The enhancements usually include sound, video, graphics and GPS data. And its potentials are tremendous as developers have just started exploring the world of augmented reality. However, you must not confuse between virtual reality and augmented reality, as there is a stark difference between them. Virtual reality, as the name suggests, is not real. It is just a made up world. On the other hand, augmented reality is enhancing the real world, providing an augmented view of the reality. The enhancements can be minor or major, but AR technology only changes how the real world around the user looks like.

Augmented reality can even prove to be a great medium for advertising. It can actually change how your customers see your ads in real life. It can make a standard video much more enticing and stimulating. With the help of AR technology, brands can turn their standard ads into a more interactive experience for their consumers. The future of advertising can indeed be redefined by using augmented reality apps.

The technology has already proved its potential in the retail and marketing world. Though AR is still in its infancy, the technology has the capability to reshape the advertising efforts of brands with the help of high-end mobile applications.

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