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HP Brings Interactive Computing with Augmented Reality and 3D Imaging

HP Brings Interactive Computing with Augmented Reality and 3D Imaging

Augmented reality and 3D image manipulation are some of the technologies which Hewlett-Packard has been experimenting on some of its recent products. The company plans to provide its consumers with an interactive computing experience by integrating these technologies in PCs, laptops and tablets. HP has already made news with its intention of entering the 3D printing market. By using these innovations in its products, HP wants to be different from other PCs in the market.

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Sprout All-in-one Desktop

HP’s Sprout all-in-one desktop already has the feature which will allow users to play with 3D images which can be developed in a 3D printer. In the upcoming days this feature will be available in a variety of mobile products from the PC maker. Sprout costs US$1,899. This desktop provides a glance into desktops of the future. Sprout uses 3D RealSense depth-sensing camera of Intel, that lets users scan an item, control the image on a specialized Touch Mat Surface and finally print the resulting item on a 3D printer.

Zvr “Virtual Reality” Monitor

HP launched its new Zvr “virtual reality” monitor at the CES this year. The monitor is of 23.6 inch which overlays 3D images in air. A stylus is used to move the images as well as zoom and control them without the need of touching the screen.

With Zvr monitor and Sprout PC, 3D technology is given a new twist by HP. The products are related to the 3D printing strategy of the company.

According to the PC and printer section’s Senior Vice President and General Manager at HP, Ron Coughlin, augmented reality will be featured in the laptops and tablets. With HP, real-world applications will b having this technology.

Coughlin said “On immersive computing, you’ll see us take it across segments, across form factors, and across usage [models].” He added that “We provide the on-ramp from Sprout and immersive computing, and off-ramp with 3D printing.”

The Workspace software will be another new innovation which can be used by tablet owners. Sharing and manipulating 3D images will become easier with this software. The software layer of Workspace is built over Windows 8.1.

The goal of HP is to bring immersive computing to a varied range of products in different price range. 3D printing business of HP might grow in the future with the ability to click and modify 3D objects on PCs.

What do you think?

Do you think HP can make a difference in the 3D printing market? Can augmented reality make computing experience immersive for the users? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – giftedstory.com

Article Source – pcworld.com


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