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Icis- The Fashionable Augmented Reality Glass

Icis- The Fashionable Augmented Reality Glass

It seems like the development of augmented reality glasses has now become a rage, ever since Google Glass has come into being. Now there is another new kid in the block- Icis, the fashionable augmented reality glass. Those who consider that Google Glass is a bit on the nerd side and you would look ridiculous wearing it, this new AR glass will be ideal for you. It actually looks like a real glass and adds some fashion quotient in this technological device. You will get to enjoy the augmented stuff and what’s best; the onlookers will never get to know that you are wearing something high tech.

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Laforge Optical- The developers of Icis

Laforge Optical has developed this stylish wearable. Corey Mack, the CEO and Founder of Laforge, is the brain behind Icis. He and his team have created Icis with the intention of not only providing a stylish look to the wearers but also making it an easy to use device.

Features of Icis

  • The interface of this wearable is really user friendly. Wearing it, you need not look up to the right of your glass like Google Glass. The augmented information will be displayed outside your field of vision. The information is obtained from the cloud.
  • Unlike Google Glass, Icis can be used as prescription glasses. People, regardless of their prescription, can wear this conventional looking pair of glasses and experience its augmented reality features.
  • This AR eyewear has a special feature which lets its users spy easily without being caught. When the wearers film something, no light comes on. This will not make others aware of this feature. As per Mack, this factor has its own upsides. It might help people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes to get justice. However, Mack also added that onlookers should remain aware of people wearing glasses and staring at them.

Indiegogo Campaign

As Laforge Optical isn’t fully funded as of now, they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise more funds. In the meantime Mack plans to improve the design of Icis and make it ready for purchase by the fashion conscious people. In the near future, plans are also there to start two different lines of AR glasses.

The vision of the CEO of Laforge is really alluring. As per his vision, in a year or so, customers could possibly walk into an eyewear showroom and get Icis customized to their dimensions within an hour or so. This will be possible with their turnkey solution for manufacturing.

If you want to get a pair of stylish and futuristic glasses ahead of others, you can take part in the campaign and help Laforge in raising funds. The campaign has started from 18th February, 2014 and ends on 20th March, 2014.

Image Source – www.dailymail.co.uk

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