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Blippar Image Recognition Technology for Google Glass

Blippar Image Recognition Technology for Google Glass

Blippar, the leading mobile image-recognition platform for publishers, brands and advertisers, today showcases the first-ever image recognition and tracking technology developed for Google Glass. Like Blippar’s mobile platform, already available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, the Blippar experience on Google Glass utilizes proprietary, best-in-class technology, enabling instantaneous recognition of images, products and even people, seamlessly linking the physical and digital worlds. CEO and co-founder, Ambarish Mitra, will debut the technology today in a presentation at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Mobile Innovation 2024: The Future…What’s Next?).

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“This is a very exciting time for Blippar and a pivotal moment for the augmented reality industry as a whole,” said Ambarish Mitra, CEO of Blippar. “Speculation throughout the industry has led many to believe that image recognition is already an existing capability on Google Glass. Yet we’re proud to announce that Blippar is actually the first to build a fully functioning, proof of concept to share with the world. As we await the release of generation 3 of Google Glass, we are even more bullish on the incredible potential for image recognition technology through wearable computing devices as the hardware becomes more powerful and advanced.”

One of the major promises of Google Glass has been to make the transition between intention and action a more frictionless experience, and by showcasing this new technology, Blippar is the first to turn this concept into a reality. This development has major implications for all industries, including marketing and advertising, retail, education and even medical fields. As more wearable devices come to market, consumer adoption will inevitably continue to rise and utilizing image recognition technologies will become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Already the augmented reality industry is gaining major traction worldwide, largely driven by advancements in image recognition technology. In a recent report, Juniper Research announced that the number of AR users around the world is due to soar from 60 million, at the end of 2013, to over 200 million by 2018.

The demo presented at Mobile World Congress will also showcase other areas of image recognition technology Blippar has been developing including faster recognition, lower memory footprint, lower power requirements, and robustness.

Image Source – gigaom.com

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