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Immersive Training Basketball Program by Kobe Bryant

Immersive Training Basketball Program by Kobe Bryant

In every sector, technology based transactions have now become the norm. Now the sports area has also been included in this. Over the past year, there have been some striking technological changes that have taken place, which includes innovations for the World Cup to projection-mapped opening ceremonies. Now Kobe Bryant, the famous basketball player of the National Basketball Association is providing an immersive training experience to the participants. The program has been created to increase agility of the players as well as their strategic expertise.

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LED Court & Immersive Training

A modern basketball facility in Shanghai, The House of Mamba, has created the first ever full sized LED basketball court which has motion tracking abilities, live data visualizations and video graphics with which the players can compete against one another as they train in an immersive experience. It is a part of Kobe Bryant’s widespread training tour across China. The final competition rounds for Bryant’s recently unveiled Chinese documentary, RISE, have also been housed in this court.

The plays and moves have been curated by Bryant himself and the players in the court will be guided through these moves with the help of colored X’s, boundary zones and circles which can be envisaged on the court. In the training, participants got to play with Bryant and their performance stats were live-catalogued with motion tracking devices. The training not only provided the players with an enhanced interactive experience but also gave a detailed idea into the nuances and tactics of the legendary game of Kobe Bryant.

Is this the Future of Basketball?

The immersive training process that has been provided to the players might soon turn out to be the future of basketball. With an augmented reality like court, future basketball matches might become more interactive and players will be able to improve their moves and play in a more agile way.

With this technology, China might be a strong contender for the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. You can have a look at this video to know how Bryant conducted the training with this technology to inspire youngsters on the court.

What do you think?

Do you think the game of basketball will become immersive in the future? Do you think other sports can also use this technology to make their game even more interesting? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – nba.com

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