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Futuristic Driving Experience with Infiniti SYNAPTIQ

Futuristic Driving Experience with Infiniti SYNAPTIQ

Welcome to the world of futuristic car driving with Infiniti SYNAPTIQ. This year, the LA Motor Show Design Challenge asked how humans will be interacting with cars in 2029. As an answer to this challenge, Infiniti designed the Infiniti SYNAPTIQ, a racecar which users can wear and control with their mind. For the awesome design and concept, it won the “People’s Choice Award”. The design has been made in such a way that all the innovative technologies will be available in the racecar, right from augmented reality to wearable technologies to 3D hologram. Let us see how it will work.

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Symbiotic User Interface Technology

A team of Infiniti designers from San Diego created this beautiful design. Their concept was to strap the driver into a common cockpit which can work with any type of vehicles. The ‘Symbiotic User Interface Technology’ (SUIT) does just that. It connects the driver to the machine with a spinal lock attachment. This attachment puts the driver into the driving position and the driver’s thoughts are connected to the machine.

The drivers can see all relevant information with the liquid crystal canopies that come with an augmented reality system.

Air, Rally, Circuit

The racecar is also designed to fight with Infiniti’s own new triathlon series call the Air, Rally, Circuit (ARC). This is possible by turning SYNAPTIQ into an F1 car, an air racer or a buggy, depending on what the driver wants it to be or whatever situation is required at that moment.

According to the leader of the SYNAPTIQ team and the interior design manager at Infiniti, John Sahs, the team of designers loved taking part in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge and developing the idea of how drivers of the Infiniti cars could interact with their vehicles in the future. Even though the concept is a bit futuristic, yet people are identifying with such ideas, as is clear from the award. However, the futuristic ideas might not be too far away from reality.

So, it’s time to wait and watch till we get to know how actually the drivers would be interacting with their cars in 2029.

What about you?

How would you want to interact with cars in the future? Do you think this concept can actually become a reality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – otopark.com

Article Source – topgear.com


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