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Metaio Releases Latest Version of Junaio AR Browser

Metaio Releases Latest Version of Junaio AR Browser

Metaio has just released the latest version of its Junaio augmented reality browser. Junaio helps users to find ongoing local events, offers and listings, and scan QR codes and bar codes. With the help of this AR browser, users will be able to experience new virtual communications. The latest version of Junaio will see many changes in terms of functionalities and design, which will ultimately enhance the user experience. Metaio is one of the leading authorities in AR software and solutions. If you have already used Junaio, you will know how this product works. The updated product can also be hoped to be more useful for the users.

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What are the Changes in the Latest Version?

The latest version of the browser has a completely new user interface and has a brand new visualization arrangement to highlight the nearby points of interest in a better way and in real time. Information based on location as well as GPS can be accessed easily by the users with Junaio. The types of locations that you can access with this AR browser include real-time position of buses and trains, taxi ranks, locations of buildings like cinemas or cafes, ATM machines, etc.

Browser interoperability is also another new addition to this latest version. The revamped user interface comes with a contemporary design.

Change for Google Glass

With the redesign, Junaio has been optimized specially, so that it can work with Google Glass and other wearable devices. People today are more familiar with apps which have a friendlier interface and modern design. The update has also been done, keeping in sync with these requirements of the users. So, it can be hoped that more users will start using the latest version of the Junaio augmented reality browser. The information of the locations mentioned above can be viewed using Google Glass as well.

Metaio boasts that the browser will be able to provide location-based data for any place in the entire world.

The CTO of Metaio, Peter Meier said that more number of mobile users will see the value of AR and use it increasingly, if this technology can be made more natural. He also added that it is clear that location-based data in wearable devices like Google Glass is the next step for mobile augmented reality and they are considering the near future in their R&D.

Users will be able to download Junaio for free from Google Play Store and iTunes for their Android and iOS devices respectively.

Image Source – augmentedworldexpo.com

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