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Another New Patent Revealed for Magic Leap Headset

Another New Patent Revealed for Magic Leap Headset

Magic Leap, the AR company, which got over $500 million in funding from Google and other companies, has again come into news. The company plans to launch a commercial head-mounted AR device that will overlay 3D imagery on real world. Ever since the funding, the company has experienced an immense growth. However, Magic Leap is still extremely secretive about the technology it is working on. A few months back a patent was published in Unites States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Now, another patent has also been published in the same website which gives more idea on what we can expect from the device that Magic Leap will develop.

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A probable design for the mysterious AR headset is displayed in the new patent that was discovered recently in the website of Unites States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent gives a few details about the device. The patent application was filed by Magic Leap for “Virtual and Augmented Reality System and Methods” and revealed the overall design and possible functionality of the device.

According to patent drawings, the device is not much of a looker. However, as with majority of the patents, the final product is not represented by the images. The patent just gives an idea to the consumers how the final product might look. The image shows a sunglass like device with in-built headphones. A wire coming from the back of the headset is connected to a “remote processing module” which will enable the whole headset to work.

It also disclosed that the headset will provide audio feedback along with the 3D imagery that will be displayed to the users. This will definitely provide a more immersive experience. The patent application reads that the image is not a demonstration of the final product. It is just a means to “illustrate one or more embodiments of various internal processing components of the wearable AR device.”

Only time will tell what the final product will look like. Magic Leap calls its take on augmented reality as “cinematic reality.” It is so called because Magic Leap wants to create an AR device which will provide the users with an incredibly realistic experience. Hopefully Magic Leap will be able to provide the “magic” that its wants to create and bring to its users.

What about you?

What do you think about the patent? Would you like the Magic Leap’s device to be a head-mounted display or any other sort of device? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – uploadvr.com

Article Source – androidheadlines.com

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