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Role of Augmented Reality in Medical Industry

Role of Augmented Reality in Medical Industry

Augmented reality is gradually being used for more practical purposes apart from providing entertaining digital content to the users of smart devices. One such important use of AR is in the field of medicine. This technology is going to play an important role in the future of medicine. In September 2013, a shoulder replacement surgery was performed by a team of surgeons from the University of Alabama, using Google Glass and virtual AR technology VIPAAR. It can be hoped that similar augmented reality products will be developed and used by doctors in the future.

Medical professionals laud AR

This technology is rapidly gaining importance among medical professionals. The capabilities that this technology has, can be used to make complex surgical procedures easier. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have lauded this technology for this ability. With proper platform, doctors can not only perform surgeries easily but also provide postoperative care.

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Lack of information

Many medical professionals are however still unknown of the benefits of this technology. The lack of information is making the use of AR a slower process in the medical field. Many think that there is a lack of an AR platform which can be used across different devices. However, this is not true. Many apps have been developed which work in different devices and can be used for various medical procedures.

Medical Augmented Reality

Some AR gadgets are there which can be used for medical purpose apart from other uses. As mentioned before, Google Glass is one such gadget which has been used for surgical purpose. There are even some AR apps which have been specifically developed for medical usage only.

  • Apps like EyeDecide are used to educate patients on the condition of their eyes using augmented technology.
  • Doctors have performed tumor surgery using an iPad app developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS in Germany.
  • Doctor Mole- Skin Cancer app lets users assess moles with real time computer vision technology. They just need to scan a mole to get the feedback related to it.
  • Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses are an AR platform which can be used as an interface with tablets, smartphones and other devices. Medical professionals can use this platform to perform their duties in a proficient manner. For example, nurses can view a patient’s veins in real time using the glasses which will help them to insert a needle in the vein without any difficulty.

With so many apps and AR gadgets being developed for medical purpose, it can be said that augmented reality will play a big role in the medical field in the coming years.

Image Source – medicalaugmentedreality.com

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