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Droiders Launches MedicAR- Augmented Reality Glassware

Droiders Launches MedicAR- Augmented Reality Glassware

Droiders, which is an official Google Glass app development startup, has launched a new application, MedicAR. The application combines Google Glass and augmented reality technology to help surgeons during any surgery. The technology will guide them through certain procedures of surgery as well as patient care. They will show them where to cut, which equipment to use, the next step to take and how to sew up after the procedure is complete. The MedicAR application can also be a prospective aid to improve the safety issues that might hamper a surgical procedure. Both experts as well as junior surgeons will find this Glassware to be helpful.

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How will MedicAR work?

For this application to work, a temporary tattoo needs to be placed on the patient’s skin. The surgeon and his assistant aim the Glass to that tattoo. After that, all the features of a surgery are shown on the screen through augmented reality. The step by step procedures are then displayed on the screen which can guide the surgeons through their surgery. For example, the instruction would start by showing the skin cut, and then it would show the use of retractors to provide proper exposure to the area, the next step would be the surgical treatment process and the last step would be the closure of the cut.

Demonstration of the MedicAR

Dr. Homero Rivas, director of innovative surgery and assistant professor of digestive surgery at Stanford University, recently gave a demonstration of the MedicAR application, in the Goodman Simulation Center at Stanford. He connected Google Glass and the MedicAR application of Droiders and carried out an open reduction and internal fixation of a fracture in the left clavicle, by using an anatomical human model.

He explained that last summer they had performed a transatlantic operation through Google Glass that was live-streamed. At the time, this was a first in telemedicine. According to the founder of Droiders, Julián Beltrán, they were the very first developers to introduce augmented reality into Glassware for Google Glass.

The software platform Qualcomm Vuforia has been used by Droiders’ MedicAR application for Google Glass. The app is available for download from the company’s website www.droiders.com.

Image Source – venturebeat.com 

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