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Is Metaio Closing Down its Business?

Is Metaio Closing Down its Business?

Speculations are rampant about Metaio’s future, one of the largest augmented reality companies in the world. The InsideAR event, which was supposed to be held in San Francisco on 20th and 21st May, 2015, was cancelled by Metaio. The reasons are not known yet as to what caused the event to be cancelled abruptly. Even the Metaio website has nothing to provide, except email support, which will also stop on 30th June, 2015. The Product Support page of the website states that downloads of the previous purchases that consumers have made will also be pulled off after 15th December, 2015.

The associated Twitter handles, except the main Metaio account, have also been taken off. Twitter and Facebook users are speculating about the possible reason of Metaio’s abrupt web disappearance. A possible acquisition is what most of the people are assuming. A shut down of its business cannot be ruled out as well. This is DAQRI’s tweet to many inquiries:

Wikitude, another popular name in the AR industry tweeted:

While some Twitter users are pondering about the possible reason of this silence, others are already starting to look for other options as you can see in the tweets below:

AR app development companies might have to rethink about their development strategy as Metaio SDK was one of the most used SDKs, in the AR industry. A press release from Metaio is what people are looking forward to. The story is gradually evolving. We hope to get some news from Metaio soon and hope it will bring about a positive effect in the augmented reality industry.

What do you think might be the possible reason for Metaio to stop its digital interaction? Are they closing down their business or a big acquisition is in the pipeline? What’s your thought?

Image Source – mashable.com

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