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Microsoft Latest Patent Shows Stunning Augmented Reality Future

Microsoft Latest Patent Shows Stunning Augmented Reality Future

Microsoft is on a roll. After Microsoft HoloLens, the company is busy developing or patenting technologies which will be useful for the consumers in future. The company has patented technology which will let wearers of augmented reality glasses, like the HoloLens, to read the emotional reactions of people they are looking at. The patent has been granted right on time for Microsoft’s Build conference. It covers “see-through, head-mounted display and sensing devices” that “detect audible and visual behaviors of a subject in a field of view of the device.”

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Ability to Read Emotions

The patent reveals a big plan for its futuristic headset- the ability to interpret and analyze the emotions of the person you are seeing, through the headset.

An interesting application of this technology has been described in the patent:

You are giving a presentation in a room full of people wearing the HoloLens. The augmented reality headset “can interpret visual and audio input, interpret emotional states exhibited by other individuals within a wearer’s field of view, and provide the wearer with feedback regarding the subject’s emotional state.”

However, its use won’t just be limited to professional use. Microsoft clearly mentions in the patent that it can be used for “romantic situations involving a one-on-one relationship between individuals.”

As per the patent, people could use the HoloLens to select for which people they would like to get feedback. By feedback, we mean it could be things like postures, expression of the people, etc. It would also be able to recognize people with whom you have interacted in the past and recover their history from “a database of stored interactions.”

The AR headset can be programmed for some social settings like “party,” “social situation,” “meeting,” “business situation,” “presentation” and “wedding.” Based on the social settings, you could get different feedback. For instance, if you are giving a presentation, the HoloLens could analyze the emotions of the room. In case of a party, you could get information about people whom you know in the room, by scanning it with the headset.

How will it Work?

The HoloLens version that Microsoft has shown in the patent includes a depth camera. This camera is used so that it can scan objects that are in front of the wearer. This same camera is used in Microsoft Kinect which can read data like a user’s skin temperature or heart rate by closely watching his/her face. The patent suggests instances in which the interpretation is done by HoloLens itself and it also works together with other devices or smartphones.

This technology has innumerable applications and like all other patents, it is to be seen, whether with time, Microsoft will actually work on this technology and we can view such things in the future or not.

What do you think?

Do you think this new patent will eventually be developed? Will you be trying out Microsoft HoloLens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – techradar.com

Article Source – pcworld.com

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