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MobileFusion Turns Your Mobile Devices into 3D Scanners

MobileFusion Turns Your Mobile Devices into 3D Scanners

Microsoft Research is working on different technologies to make our life more interesting. Have you ever wanted to take 3D images from your mobile phone? If yes, your desire might be fulfilled, thanks to a new project the firm is working upon. MobileFusion is a system which the researchers at Microsoft have developed so that mobile users can create high-quality 3D images in real time, without any additional gadgets. Users can take their smartphones and click 3D images in the same way they follow for recording a video or taking a picture.   

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Smartphones Turn into 3D Scanners

MobileFusion lets smartphone users turn their mobiles into 3D scanners, that too without any additional peripherals. A 3D mesh model can be created by the system using full color in front of your eyes. A Ph.D. candidate at Oxford University, Peter Ondruska who worked on this project, explained that the system works similarly like clicking a picture. The difference is that the outcome is a full 3D object scan. The scans taken with this system are of high quality and can be used in different applications like augmented reality games and 3D printing. It can be used in anything else where a 3D image can be imported.  

People can “take a 3D scan of something they see on vacation, such as the Eiffel Tower, and immediately share it with friends or family and take a 3D scan of something they wanted to sell online, such as a vase or a lamp.”

MobileFusion Better than Other 3D Scanning Methods

The researchers at Microsoft Research believe that this system is better than other methods used for 3D scanning. This is mainly because MobileFusion doesn’t need any other hardware or an Internet connection. The researchers created this system by developing an algorithm which allows a smartphone’s camera to act as a 3D scanner by clicking multiple images. This technique is similar to how the human eye works.

The MobileFusion system will be presented at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in October this year. Developers aim to make the system available to the public in future. When they do so, MobileFusion will work with all types of mobile devices.

What’s your take?

What do you think about MobileFusion? Do you want to use this system? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – engadget.com

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