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Epson Releases Moverio BT-200 AR Smart Glasses Commercially

Epson Releases Moverio BT-200 AR Smart Glasses Commercially

Epson has commercially released its award-winning second generation Moverio BT-200 smart glasses recently. The smart glasses provide an advanced, augmented reality platform for early adopters, Android app developers and enterprises. Using the patented central technologies of Epson, Moverio BT-200 provides a binocular smart glass experience that is optimized for AR applications and is unmatched for. Now, users will be able to experience the awesome features of this wearable device.

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Moverio BT-200- An Overview

If you are still unaware of what this augmented reality smart glass has in store for you, this brief overview will help you out.

Users will be able to see digital content in the real world as the content is directly and transparently overlaid on the real world environment, in the user’s line of vision. This is done through the micro projectors that are placed on each side of the glasses. Apart from that, there are sensors like accelerometer, magnetic compass and gyroscope which help in hands-free navigation and motion tracking. There is a front-facing camera which captures images and videos and also finds out real world markers for augmented reality applications.

Applications of Moverio BT-200

Vertical markets like logistics, healthcare, energy, education, field service, retail, manufacturing, etc. are now increasingly using AR smart glasses to improve their work efficiency. Moverio BT-200 is already being used by many developers. Developers like Metaio and APX Labs are working with Epson to incorporate the see-through augmented reality technology of Moverio BT-200 for providing assistance in retail supply chain tracking, remote field support for difficult repairs, surgical training for doctors while operating and more.

APX Labs has created Skylight, which is an enterprise software platform for smart glasses. This platform takes complete advantage of the features of Moverio BT-200. The front facing camera is used by Skylight for streaming real time video feeds which provides the workers with an opportunity to get instant help. The motion sensors are also used to provide hands-free interaction for the users. Finally, the rich overlay display is used by Skylight to provide data exactly where the work is going on.

According to the chief product officer at APX Labs, Ed English, this wearable device is affordable, practical and powerful to handle varied use cases.

Pricing and Availability

Moverio BT-200 comes with a price of $699.99 and you can pre-order it through the official website of Epson or through the website of Prelaunch.

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