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Get your Kids a Tiny Ozobot- The First Augmented Reality Toy

Get your Kids a Tiny Ozobot- The First Augmented Reality Toy

Gone are the days, when kids used to play with real toys. Now wherever you go, you will watch kids busy with different kinds of digital devices, right from smartphones to wireless controllers. Whether they are completing their homework or playing games, everything revolves around these devices. Now technology itself has made it possible to bring back kids from a virtual world to physical play. A one-inch robot, named Ozobot has been developed to provide the kids with a wonderful play time. The tiny robot was launched at both the American International Toy Fair and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year.

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Ozobot – How It Works?

The tiny robot was designed by Evolve, an electronics company and by playing with it, kids will be able to expand their imagination, learn simple coding and learn essential life skills like deductive reasoning.

To play with the bot, kids have to follow a path backwards, forward, right or left; they can also move fast or slow by using four colors- green, red, blue and black. With the advanced technology in use, the robot is able to move on physical surfaces like paper and also on digital platforms like tablets or smartphones. Ozobot will be able to move as per the command of the pattern of colors or only on one color, as long as there are digital flash codes or colored lines of blue, green, red or black.

With the layer of augmented reality, the robot is able to “see” colored lines and find the difference between them. Certain combination of the colors is recognized by it as a code and based on that the action takes place. The Ozobot is available at a price of $49.99 and is suitable for kids above 13 years of age.

Games and App related to Ozobot

There are certain games and apps related to Ozobot. Kids as well as grownups will be able to download games like OzoLuck and OzoPath and have fun. The OzoLuck is a game in which Ozobot moves through a maze and chooses lucky outcomes randomly. The OzoPath game requires the players to plan out ways to maneuver their opponent to take the robot to its home base.

The OzoDraw is an exploration and drawing app which can test Ozobot’s intelligence.

The tiny Ozobot has made its place in the Top 10 list of major technology and tech toys companies and magazines.

What about you?

Have you tried out the Ozobot? Would you download the games associated with this toy? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – gizmodo.co.uk


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