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Augmented Reality Stunt Takes London Commuters by Surprise

Augmented Reality Stunt Takes London Commuters by Surprise

An augmented reality stunt carried out by Pepsi MAX has successfully stunned commuters in central London. The company has made use of AR technology in an innovative way as a part of its Unbelievable campaign. Just like its other campaigns, this time also Pepsi MAX has successfully created a campaign by using an amazing technology to draw the attention of the passers-by. The stunt became a hit with the stunned commuters within a short time.

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The Surprise

The commuters got to see an alien abduction, a man floating from the sky holding balloons, a meteorite explosion on the pavement, giant robots attacking pedestrians and a Bengal tiger running loose through the streets. Varied reactions came from the passers-by. While some were frightened, others were shocked and surprised and some found it funny and created their own situations with the augmented objects. Eventually they were able to figure out the presence of a camera.

The AR Stunt

Pepsi MAX pulled off the stunt on the advertising boards of a bus stop in Oxford Street. Augmented reality was attached to the side of the bus shelter which gave an illusion of a see-through window for the passers-by. The scenes that the commuters could see were mapped over a live video feed, thereby giving the impression of reality. Animations and odd graphics were used by this wonderful technology.

According to the senior marketing manager at PepsiCo UK, Rachel Holmes, the latest AR campaign really lives up to the proposition of Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable campaign, right from the inventive media planning to the fantastic creative.

Through this augmented reality promotion, people could get the opportunity of experiencing and interacting with the world around them in a completely entertaining and fresh way. After the initial shock and fright, the passers-by started enjoying the technology and even clicked pictures with the augmented objects.

Image Source – www.pepsimusic.co.uk

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