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Augment Provides AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment Provides AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment, a startup based in Paris has created an augmented reality app for the sales people. They have raised $1.5 million for the development of this app through which sales people will get the opportunity to show the customers how a product might look in a given surrounding.

According to the CEO and founder of Augment, Jean-Francois Chianetta, till now there isn’t any augmented reality platform which targets the sales people. He said that instead of sales, other AR platforms like Wikitude, Blippar or Aurasma, have their focus on the marketing opportunity.

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Aim of the Company

The first goal of the company as mentioned earlier is having sales representatives sell marketing displays to retailers. For example, the European section of L’Oréal Professional Products is using this app for displaying their products. The aim is to give sales people an opportunity to provide prospective customers a sense of how a product will look on a shelf or any display which they like.

Apart from products on shelves, the company also aims to deal with larger applications which are related to products in a certain environment. With this app, architectural firms might be able to show their planned buildings onsite or instrument/furniture makers might be able to showcase their products in the desired environment.

How to Visualize a Product?

If you want to visualize a product, you need to download the free AR app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Then you need to upload your 3D model and a 2D tracker. For the 2D tracker, you can use a cardboard and link it to the 3D model. As the tracker moves in the real world, the modeled items also move with it. The models move in enhanced reality.

Use of Vuforia

Vuforia has been used by Augment as the augmented reality tracking engine for its SaaS platform. The remaining components have been customized as per requirement. According to Chianetta, this AR app is the only one which supports native reflection from the physical world on different items.

So, with this AR app, sales people will get be able to show the products and not just describe about them to their prospective customers.

Image Source – venturebeat.com

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