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Much Awaited Prescription Frames Added to Google Glass

Much Awaited Prescription Frames Added to Google Glass

The commercial release of Google Glass will still take some time as Google is keen on making the device even more advanced. The wearable device is getting updated from time to time. The recent change that took place was the inclusion of prescription frames. This was a much awaited inclusion as early adopters had this demand right from the beginning. The prescription frames are not the only update. The frames have been made even more stylish. These pair of glasses will be compatible with Google Glass and will be known as the Titanium Collection.

Prescription Frames

Glass Explorers who were far or near sighted, had problems using Google Glass along with their spectacles. They either had to use contact lenses or wear the Glass far enough from their normal glasses. Some third party sides also provided frames for this Glass. However, now as prescription frames have been introduced by Google, it will be easier for the current customers to use Google Glass without hampering their vision.

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If you already use Google Glass, you just need to buy these frames from Glass store. You can select any frame that you like and proceed to checkout. When you get the frames, you will find there are placeholder lenses. You need to put in your own lens and remove the battery and the Glass prism unit and attach them with the new ones. You can either fix it yourself or send it to Vision Service Plan, who will do the needful and send it back to you in a couple of days.

If you do not have Glass, you have to wait as it won’t be available to the consumers until the end of this year.

Stylish Frames

Along with the prescription lens, the frames have been made more stylish. They have been designed by Google itself. Four frames are available for the Explorers to choose from- Curved, Thin, Split and Bold. As per the Glass guides, the Curved or Bold frame would suit women and the Thin frame would be suitable for men. The Split frame is supposed to look good on everybody. The frames that will be available to the users of Google Glass will be of the same color as that of the Glass, so that they can buy matching frames. There are five shades to select: Cotton (white), Charcoal (gray), Sky (blue), Tangerine (orangish) and Shale (dark grey).

Cost of the Frames

The frames will cost $225 each, excluding tax. Without insurance, the prescription glasses can be really costly. So, Google has teamed up with Vision Service Plan (VSP), a vision benefits company to provide insurance to the users of the new frames. Only the prescription lenses and stylish frames will be available for insurance settlements. The cost of the Glass will still be $1500 as the device will not come under the insurance policy.

Image Source – www.wired.com

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