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Project Tango Tablet Developers Kit Price Slashed by Half

Project Tango Tablet Developers Kit Price Slashed by Half

Last June, Google had launched the Project Tango Tablet Developers kit so that application development for 3D mobile sensing experiences can be improved. During that period, developers had to shell out $1,024 to get a tablet with quality specs, provided their applications were accepted. But now, Google is looking forward to lure in more developers who would apply for the kit. To do so, it has slashed the price of its Project Tango kit by half. However, you still have to get an invitation to be eligible for applying for Project Tango. The price reduction is an effort from Google’s side to get more developers for this innovation.

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Will the Price Reduction Impact the Quality?

It has been reported by Android Police, that Google has notified some applicants through email that they will be able to buy a Project Tango kit at half the price of the earlier one. The company has also cryptically stated that in the near future it would be “opening up sales more broadly.”

The tablet is now priced at $512, but that doesn’t mean there has been a reduction in the quality. In fact it looks like a fair deal for the applicants. It features an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, Android KitKat, 128GB of internal storage, 1920 X 1200 7-inch display, a 170-degree motion tracking camera and LTE, among different other features.

Developer resources are also provided by Google, so that owners of the tablet can get the most out of depth perception sensors and on-board motion tracking.

Lesser Appeal than Google Glass

Even though prices are being slashed for Project Tango, it will still have a lesser appeal than Google Glass, the AR glasses which were pulled out of production recently. It is not yet clear how “broadly” Google would open up sales for Project Tango.

As of now, the process of getting the Project Tango tablet development kit is still the same. You have to go to the Project Tango website and fill out a form and make your application for the kit.

This move could be an indication that Google is on its way to bring this technology into consumer devices.

So, you can apply for Project Tango now and wait to see if Google accepts it and you can get the kit at half the price.

What do you think?

Do you think Project Tango will come to consumer devices? Are you going to apply for the kit now that prices are slashed? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – engadget.com


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