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Real-Time Digital Makeup with Projection Mapping

Real-Time Digital Makeup with Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has been around for some years now but it is yet to be used to its ultimate potential. It is the process of putting an imagery or video on top of a live subject or environment. With this process, the illusion of depth and movement is created.  Highly precise light projectors are used to make a person’s face look like its being changed in real-time using projection mapping. Nobumichi Asai, projection mapping artist, did exactly that in the new project which changes the appearance of a model’s face by projecting electronic makeup on her. So, how was it done? Let us have a look at this post.

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How Digital Makeup was put on The Model’s Face?

The first step consists of scanning the model’s face for getting the contours and dimensions which is inserted in the system. The exact position and movements are tracked by the system with the help of tiny dots. The next step brings in projection mapping where a digital projection is applied on the model’s face and her appearance transforms in real-time. Digital make-up is put on her face and her entire look changes. The electronic makeup is created by combining projection mapping with real-time face tracking method.

While Asai has used this technology to put on electronic makeup on the model’s face, one can use it to transform the features of a person into anything they like, depending on their imagination power.

This technology can be used virtually anywhere, but it is essential that the right conditions are there for getting a believable experience. Bright light source and a dark environment are prerequisite for the 3D scanning of the projected subject.

The Future of Projection Mapping

Currently this technology is limited to small scale experiments by virtual artists who use it during concerts or by advertisers for product demos. It is expected that this will change in the near future as more technologists, entertainers and artists start using this technology.

According to the head of digital at Allison & Partners, Jeremy Rosenberg, some day in the future, projection mapping might be used to let consumers see how a tattoo would look like before they get one on themselves. Like augmented reality, this technology might also take its time before it is made suitable for use by the average consumer.

What do you think?

Do you think projection mapping is a cool idea? What would you like to project with this technology? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – thecreatorsproject.vice.com

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