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Augmented Reality Comes to Meetings with QuickMobile & BI WORLDWIDE

Augmented Reality Comes to Meetings with QuickMobile & BI WORLDWIDE

Augmented reality will now come to meetings as well as events, thanks to QuickMobile and BI WORLDWIDE. The meetings app maker, QuickMobile has teamed up with BI WORLDWIDE, a global engagement agency which is based in Minneapolis and develops augmented reality apps. As we all know, augmented reality provides a live view of the real surroundings that is overlaid with digital data like videos, text, audio or images, using the camera lens of a mobile device. The meetings app maker plans to bring this interactivity into events and meetings.

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Use of AR Technology

By using AR technology of BI WORLDWIDE to power its own apps, QuickMobile plans to provide exhibitors and planners of meetings and events, different ways to interact with the attendees.

According to the CEO of QuickMobile, Patrick Payne, augmented reality improves the experience of any event by visual engagement. Content can be shared more interactively and creatively by the event exhibiters and planners in 2D or 3D format using the mobile event apps. He added that with this partnership with BI WORLDWIDE, they are now demonstrating how AR technology can be implemented in mobile event apps. They are expanding the helpfulness of mobile event apps for both participants as well as the planners.

AR- Now a Reality for more Events

According to the Vice President of meetings and shows at BI WORLDWIDE, Dawn Martin, event exhibitors want new ways through which they can interact and share with the visitors, while the event marketers and planners are looking for ways in which they can bring in more participants to the events. Augmented reality can solve both these problems as this technology helps in engaging the attendees of the events as well as encourages them to use the mobile event apps. When the knowledge of QuickMobile of how and where to use the augmented reality technology to enhance the event experience is combined with the technology and design functionalities of BI WORLDWIDE, AR can become a reality for more events.

Augmented reality use is improving many sectors and now it can be expected that meetings as well as events will becoming more engaging.

What do you think?

Do you think augmented reality will have a significant effect on meetings and events? What other applications of AR do you like? Share your views in the comments below.

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