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Windows 10 to Get a Big Update Called Redstone Next Year

Windows 10 to Get a Big Update Called Redstone Next Year

The official launch of Windows 10 is yet to take place, but Microsoft has already started working on its next update which is named Redstone. It has been termed as the “next Windows update coming in 2016.” This summer, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10, which has been codenamed “Threshold.” According to ZDNet, Microsoft will bring some minor updates this fall. Apart from that, some smaller updates and fixes will continue, even before and after the release of Windows 10. The Redstone is due for release in 2016. It will however not be called Windows 11 or Windows 12.

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What to Expect from Redstone?

Windows 10 users will automatically get Redstone when they opt for their regular monthly updates. It will work just like other smaller updates; the only difference will be that it will be bigger. It is being expected that there will be new functionalities and Redstone will support new types of devices which are not a part of Windows 10 already.

With regular updates to Windows 10, it will be beneficial for things like messaging, the new Windows 10 browser-Spartan and the Start Menu, which are not part of the core of Windows.

For certain devices and their software to work well with Windows 10, a bigger update like Redstone is necessary. Devices like Hololens, the upcoming “holographic” augmented reality headset from Microsoft; the Xbox Surface Hub, which is an 84 inch touchscreen designed to change the whiteboard; Windows Phone, etc. will require the update of Redstone.

The core features which can’t be added in the Windows 10 this year will be benefitted with the Redstone update.

Codenaming Tradition Continues

Microsoft is continuing with its tradition of selecting a codename for its updates in reference to its first party video games. Windows 10, which has a codename “Threshold,” gets its name from the “Halo” game series where the planet had the same name.

The Redstone codename comes from the reference of a virtual ore used in the “Minecraft” game. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft now, after it bought the game studio Mojang which developed the game. The tech company acquired the studio for $2.5 billion in September.

Even the Windows 10 browser with the codename Project Spartan and the virtual assistant Cortana get their name from characters in the Halo video games series.

However, no official comments have been obtained from Microsoft regarding Redstone. As of now, we can just wait for the launch of Windows 10 and for the Redstone update next year.

What do you think?

Do you think Windows 10 will be a hit among consumers? Are you eager to try out the Redstone update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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