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REFLEKT Wins Award for Cross-Media Augmented Reality Campaign

REFLEKT Wins Award for Cross-Media Augmented Reality Campaign

The augmented reality marketing campaign by RE’FLEKT Mobilcom-Debitel and Arvato won the Printstars award for cross-media interconnection of offline and online media using AR technology. The award was announced at the PrintNight last week in the Stuttgart Liederhalle. The “cross-media networking” was an emerging category and the jury to choose from an escalating variety of submissions. They rewarded the blend of traditional media with digital channels from the print sector.

RE’FLEKT award-winning cross-media augmented reality campaign combined print, mobile and online media along with the new visualization technology of AR as an interface, creating a cross-media campaign. RE’FLEKT teamed up with Mobilcom-Debitel and Arvato-Bertelsmann to develop this augmented reality campaign for both the online and offline world. Using different social media channels as well as traditional print mailings, this augmented reality app created a unique visual experience that also provided media intersection. The integrated store finder and the 3D representation of Huawei smartphones were some of the key features of this AR campaign. The integrated store finder showed Mobilcom stores in this augmented reality app based on the location of the user. Thus, interested parties could get a first impression and consider all the perspectives of this smartphone before it is officially launched.

This augmented reality app provides a unique opportunity for users to extend their contract as well as order the new smartphone.

RE’FLEKT GmbH is one of the leading user-oriented Augmented Reality solution providers within Europe, based in Munich. Businesses and brands benefit from digital and visual experiences with the help of AR applications from RE’FLEKT GmbH. The company uses different high-end technologies and focuses on intuitive usability. Besides, they guarantee efficient processes and quick implementation. RE’FLEKT also has the experience of working with renowned experts and universities. The company “operates its own augmented reality research and development at the highest level”.

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