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Uses of Augmented Reality & Its Impact on Revenue Generation

Uses of Augmented Reality & Its Impact on Revenue Generation

Augmented reality is helping businesses to get the best results by bridging the gap between the traditional mode of advertising and the digital experience, thereby empowering brands to engage with their customers in a better way.  AR can turn out to be a great means for brands with the active conjunction of social, mobile and relevance. Users can see digital information overlaid on a physical environment just by using the camera of their mobile devices. The digital experience is an enhancement over the real world senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound.

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Different Uses of AR

This amazing technology is used in various ways by brands and businesses. If you own a business and haven’t yet used augmented reality, here are a few ways in which you can do so:

  • Sharing in social media

Brands can use AR to embed interactive videos in printed content and let their customers share it through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Numerous product views

Brands can create AR apps, which their customers can download in their mobile devices to view numerous products virtually. This will help consumers to choose from their desired products.

  • Deals or offers

Exclusive deals and offers can be provided to the consumers with the help of AR. When users unlock interactive content with the AR app, they can be provided special deals on products and services.

  • Product demos

Using AR for marketing is the best way to garner attention among customers. AR can be used in product manuals or demos to make them interactive, which in turn will attract the customers.

  • Real time information

Augmented reality is used by many businesses to provide customers with real-time information.

  • Tourism and Leisure

The use of AR is really helpful for those in the tourism industry. Travel apps can provide tourists with information like the nearest restaurants, nearby ATMs, available accommodations and even help in translating foreign languages.

  • Point of Sale

Another helpful use of AR is in form of a point of sale. It can be used by retailers as a point of sale from where customers can place their orders of the desired products after checking them online.

Other uses of AR include online campaigns, events and conferences, sneak peek under the surface, etc.

Impact on Revenue Generation

Studies have shown that AR promotions work much better than the conventional promotions. This is mainly because people can connect emotionally with a product if they can interact with it or feel it and this in turn makes the sale of the product more likely.

Here are some facts that can show how AR makes a positive impact on revenue generation.

  • In 2013, the total generation of revenue from AR was around $300 million.
  • Almost 30 percent mobile subscribers will be using AR at least one time in one week, in 2014.
  • AR technology will be enabled in over 864 million smartphones in 2014.
  • AR revenue is expected to be more than $600 billion, in the next two years.

These statistics prove that AR revenue generation is on a rise and is expected to grow even further in the coming years. So, brands can try using this awesome technology to get the best results.

What do you say?

Do you think with the use of AR, brands can develop their business? Have you used any AR application which you have really liked? Share your views in the comments section.

Image Source – www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com


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