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Get Complimentary SeeThru AR Headset for Kickstarter Referrals

Get Complimentary SeeThru AR Headset for Kickstarter Referrals

LASTER Technologies, who have developed an augmented reality eyewear, known as the SeeThru headset will give away the smart glass to those who can bring referrals for their Kickstarter campaign. They have recently announced a ‘Three for Free’ and ‘Four for Free’ Kickstarter referral program, where consumers can refer people to contribute to the $349 or more funding option. Depending on the number of referrals for the set amount, arbitrators will get a complimentary Main Edition or Limited Edition eyewear of the SeeThru headset.

Image Source – Sony Unveils Smart Eyeglass Prototype at the Mobile World Congress

‘Three for Free’ and ‘Four for Free’

For the ‘Three for Free’ Kickstarter referral program, a person has to refer three people who will eventually contribute to the $349 or more funding option of the campaign. That person will be entitled to get a free pair of LASTER SeeThru AR Main Edition smart glass.

For the ‘Four for Free’ Kickstarter referral program, the requirement is four referrals who will invest at the same $349 price or more option. Those who refer, will receive a complementary SeeThru Special Limited Edition headset, that too signed by the development team of LASTER Technologies.

This Kickstarter campaign is on till 16th March, 2014 and this offer will be available till 15th March, 2014.

If you are unaware of what SeeThru Augmented Reality Eyewear can offer, you can learn about it from this post.

How can you participate?

You just need to send an email to referralprogram[at]laster[dot]fr with the names and email addresses of the contributors you have referred to. Once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, all the funding backers will be contacted by LASTER to confirm the shipping and know customization information. The confirmation of the received funds and their details will be made. After this, the referrers will be contacted to get the customization and shipping information from them. Once the process is over, the SeeThru headset will be dispatched.

Additional Offer

Another additional offer is also being provided by LASTER. Backers who are contributing $349 or more will now get free shipping to any place across the world.

So what are you waiting for? Start referring now and you will be able to own a pair of free SeeThru AR Eyewear!

Image Source – www.kickstarter.com

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