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Snapchat Brings AR Lenses to Universal, Disney and Six Flags Amusement Parks

Snapchat Brings AR Lenses to Universal, Disney and Six Flags Amusement Parks

This summer, leading amusement parks across the globe are going to become more interesting and fun as Snapchat brings augmented reality to the mix. Snapchat has teamed up with big names in the industry which include Universal, Disney and Six Flags. The selective geofenced Snapchat Lenses will be available to the users only when they enter the respective amusement parks. So, what is in store for the visitors to these parks? There are different lenses for different companies. Let us have a look at this post to know more:

At Disney Parks
When visitors enter Disney parks, they can open Snapchat and view the augmented reality lens which allows them to wear Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. The feature will be available at Disney Parks located in Paris, Orlando, Tokyo and Anaheim.

At Universal Studios
Virtual Minions will show their antics at the Universal Studios. Visitors need to use the camera view on their phone to see these Minions in action. Hollywood and Orlando Universal Studios visitors will be able to immerse themselves in augmented reality.

At Six Flags
At Six Flags parks in Mexico and the US and in the new Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi that is opening on July 24, there will also be different augmented reality experiences. Fun seekers visiting the parks will be able to experience 3D Bitmoji Lens and a Superman face effect. For Six Flags parks, this is the first Snapchat experience which is on the location.

What Big Names Have to Say
Vice President of partnerships at Snapchat, Ben Schwerin, said “We love working with our partners Disney, Universal and Warner Bros. to create augmented reality experiences that allow our users to connect with some of their favorite characters in a totally new way. We can’t wait for Snapchatters to have fun with these lenses when they visit the parks this summer.”

Visitors to these theme parks will be able to get an additional exciting experience through the partnership of Snapchat and these three companies.

Image Source: https://mobile-ar.reality.news/news/snapchat-takes-trip-amusement-park-with-ar-for-disney-universal-six-flags-0185758/

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