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Solar Energy to Power Google Glass?

Solar Energy to Power Google Glass?

It is yet to be known when Google Glass will going to be released officially, but that doesn’t cause it to stop being in the news. The features that are going to be available in these augmented reality glasses are making the rounds. It is being hoped that the product will blur the gap between the physical and digital worlds and people will be able to interact with their surroundings in a different way. However, a cause of concern is that, for providing the users with interactivity, Google Glass has to consume considerable amount of electrical power. So, to satisfy the power requirements of Glass, solar energy might be used.

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High Energy Consumption of Glass

AR glasses like Google Glass consumer a lot of energy as they have features that are common for smartphones and tablets. Users of Glass will be able to send text messages to their contacts as well make calls right from their glasses. They will be able to access applications developed by Google and also third party applications, from the Glass platform. Video streaming and recording can be done through this augmented reality glass, which consumes lot of power. For this reason, an innovative energy solution like use of solar energy is required. This might help in satisfying the needs of the consumers.

Solar Panels Being Used by Early Adopters

Glass Explorers, who have purchased the early version of Glass, are turning towards this option. Most of the early adopters of Glass are developers. They have started to use solar energy so that some of the energy problems that Glass has, can be solved. Google Glass has a small space in which a long lasting lithium ion battery cannot be fitted properly. This limits the usage time of the device.

As Glass is mostly used outside, using solar energy is the most natural option. So powering the device with sunlight is ideal. Most of the early adopters have started equipping the device with small solar panels. These panels can generate enough electrical power to keep the wearable device charged for many hours, even after the battery of Glass gets exhausted.

So, when Google Glass releases officially, don’t get surprised if you see it being powered by solar energy. As early adopters get positive effects with the use of solar panels, the use of solar energy might shift from a possibility to a necessity.

What do you think about this idea? Do you see solar energy being used for powering Google Glass in the future? Share your views with us in the comment section.

Image Source – www.slashgear.com

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