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Sony Unveils Smart Eyeglass Prototype at the Mobile World Congress

Sony Unveils Smart Eyeglass Prototype at the Mobile World Congress

Another smart glass has made its entry into the world of wearable devices. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress, Sony unveiled a prototype of its Smart Eyeglass. The glasses are different from other smart eyewear in their look and feel. The smart glasses of Sony are different from Google Glass. The frames are thicker and look almost like sunglasses. It has been developed with the intention of providing users with information and other notifications in front of their eyes. So, what is the working procedure of this smart device? Let us have a look.

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Specifications of SmartEyeglass

A binocular see-through display is used for the lenses. This implies that the potential of augmented reality facilities is much higher as compared to Google Glass in case of Sony’s SmartEyeglass. Users will be able to view information comfortably as it is displayed at a distance from the users’ eyes. The information displayed, is in monochrome green color and currently only in text form.

A microphone, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a compass, brightness sensors and a camera are embedded in the frame of the smart glass. Bluetooth v3.0 facilities and Wi-Fi is also enabled in the SmartEyeglass. It requires the glass to be connected to an Android device for providing data.

Separate Controller

This is one feature of this smart eyewear which again makes it different from other similar devices. The SmartEyeglass has a separate controller along with a touchpad which has navigation, power and camera buttons.  Using this hand-held and wired controller, wearers can move through the user interface and control the integrated camera which is in the frame of the smart glass.

Some Features which might be worked upon

Sony can work on improving some features before it releases it as a consumer product. The frame of the glass is clumsy which can be worked upon. It might also be difficult to continuously hold the controller while moving around in public. So, if these probable issues can be overcome, SmartEyeglass from Sony might find more takers.

Currently, Sony is working in an SDK with other partners to evaluate and test the APIs. A similar framework like that of SmartWatch 2 has been used to build SmartEyeglass. It is yet to be known when Sony’s smart glasses will be available to the public.

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