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Marine Corps Test Augmented Reality System for Training

Marine Corps Test Augmented Reality System for Training

Marine Corps are testing an augmented reality system which could help the soldiers to get a better preparation and train for battle at any time or from any place.  The system has been developed by the Office of Naval Research. It is called the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer or AITT. It brings in indirect fire effects, virtual images, simulated people, aircraft and more onto a real-world view of a person’s surroundings.

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Target-Rich Environment with AITT

According to Jack Holloway, Marine Corps Captain, Augmented Immersive Team Trainer provides soldiers with dynamic and target-rich surroundings for training. They do not have to rely on outside sources nor they have to go out to an old range where the same targets are there which people have been shooting for last 40 years.

The test with this AR system was done at the Marine Corps base located in Quantico, Va. The system is expected to be available for use by fall 2015. The system will be further tested and developed by Marine Corps by that time. There are also plans to use the system at any place.

Further Development of the System

Researchers want to test and develop the mobile AITT system to an “optical see-through display”. This display will help the soldiers to see images on the glass of an eyewear or a visor. As of now, the users can see the augmented world using a head-mounted video camera.

Program Manager at Office of Naval Research, Peter Squire, said that other systems are simply head-up displays which project a static image in the line of sight of the wearers. However, their AR system projects a virtual object in a certain location in a wearer’s natural line of sight.

The benefit that the optical see-through display will provide is that the wearers can move about freely instead of moving slowly or staying in one location which is the case for head-mounted displays.

The Office of Naval Research has plans to develop the optical see-through display with the help of the private sector.

Once it is released the physical training of the soldiers will be much easier and better than the present system.

What do you think?

Do you think this augmented reality system will help train the soldiers better? What other AR applications do you know which are related to the army? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – defensenews.com

Article Source – fiercegovernmentit.com

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