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Touch the Digital World with 3D Augmented Reality Glasses

Touch the Digital World with 3D Augmented Reality Glasses

You will be able to touch the digital world with 3D augmented reality glasses, which are going to be launched by Atheer Labs. In the future, you won’t just be able to view the virtual world through AR glasses, but will also be able to touch it. You can interact with virtual objects by using the motions of your hands. This is what this Tech company plans to offer to its users. It is trying to bring in more developers to boost this process with its Indiegogo campaign.

What is Atheer’s goal?

Atheer Labs’ primary goal is to create a collection of apps which will display this wearable computer. As mentioned earlier, this company is now in search of developers, especially those who have a fair knowledge of Unity and Vuforia 3D programming. This search can be successful to some extent if preorders are made by consumers for this device, the Atheer One. This Tech company is also trying to target the Android field with its developer kit, which makes the most use of present APIs of Android.

As per the founder and CEO of Atheer Labs, Soulaiman Itani, the company is focusing on commercial applications primarily, while gaming and sports are the next target.

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The hardware comprises of glasses which weigh 75 grams and to control the apps, a pocket sized computer is there. There are twin HD displays of 1024×768-pixel and each glass has two 5 megapixel cameras. The developer kit will be priced at $850 and will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

For consumers, the Atheer One glasses will be available by the end of 2014. To use this device, it has to be connected to Android phone. Using the ‘legacy’ 2D mode, the device will be able to run almost one billion Android aps without any changes. These 3D glasses are used to display the 2D Android apps in such a way that you will feel as if a tablet is moving around you. Other operating systems can also be connected to run this device.

The area of vision display for the Atheer 3D augmented reality glasses will be 65 degree, which is same which is same for a 26 inch tablet held at half an arm’s length. You have to pay $350 if you book it in advance through Indiegogo.

The price of Atheer One will be much lesser than either MetaPro glasses or Google Glass which are priced at $3000 and $1500 respectively.

It is now to be seen whether the functionality of Atheer One will be better than MetaPro glasses and Google Glass.

Image Source – cnet.com

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