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Update of Layar Creator Takes Print to A New Level

Update of Layar Creator Takes Print to A New Level

The augmented reality app of Layar, which had changed the way in which people used to read magazines or newspapers earlier, has updated their software. The Layar Creator tool has undergone a change in its look and feel as well as its functionality. Layar Creator 2.0, the updated version will make it even easier for users to get started with the Interactive Print. The Layar Creator was launched two years ago and since then Interactive Print has been used by publishers, brands and marketers to engage readers and increase their print revenue. If you want to know what changes have taken place in the latest update, have a look at this post.

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Print as a Point-of Sale

Printed page has now become a new point-of-sale ever since Layar Creator was developed. Many big publishing brands like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Men’s Health, Net-a-Porter, Inc. and Glamour have all used Interactive Print and Layar to create an immersive reading experience for their users with augmented reality. By increasing reader engagement, print revenue generation has increased and now it can act as the new point-of-sale for the publishing industry.

Layar Creator 2.0

The updated version of the software lets users create images. These images will display interactive properties when they are selected in a mobile device. The advertising and publishing sectors will benefit from this update as enormous opportunities will arise for them. The update helps in bringing innovation to print within a short span of time.

There is a new tab interface in the updated version, which helps in navigating between different actions in a simple and fast way. Users can intuitively move between collaborating, editing, testing and promoting their campaigns at any point of time.

The Campaign Overview screen has been redesigned and users can easily get an overview of all the campaigns that they are running. The screen will help them view necessary information at a glance. There is also a feed of info cards in this area. This feed shows suggestions, customized tips and useful data which will help in making the creation process of Interactive Print easy and smooth.

According to Rags Vadali, the Layar VP of Product, The Layar Creator will be set apart as the most user-friendly, easiest and professional Interactive Print publication platform in the industry because of its features.

Image Source – scienceofthetime.com

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