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Physical World gets a Virtual Dimension with Augmented Reality

Physical World gets a Virtual Dimension with Augmented Reality

Most of the objects in the physical world are generally static and do not provide interactivity to the onlookers. This situation is changed with the use of augmented reality, the technology which enhances the physical world virtually. Different types of businesses are now using this technology which projects computer-generated content like text, videos, GPS data, graphics, etc. on to the real world images which are captured by hi-tech glasses, tablets or smartphones. There are many instances which prove how augmented reality is being used time and again by retailers and advertisers.

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Augmented Reality in Various Industry

Using AR in Public Space

Pepsi MAX’s recent ad campaign titled “Unbelievable” was devised to provide commuters with an unbelievable experience in the public space. A bus shelter in London’s Oxford Street was equipped with a full HD screen and a camera was fitted on the opposite side so that a see-through effect was created. A live video feed of the street ahead of the bus stop was projected with animations. While some passengers were thrilled, others got a bit frightened. Overall, the effect was impressive.

Using AR in Furnishing

Advertisers are not the only people who can use AR for marketing. Retailers have been using AR to provide added shopping experience for their customers. We have already seen the use of this technology by furnishing giant IKEA. Customers can browse through their catalogue and scan any product they like to visualize how that product will look like in their home. By pointing their smartphone in the desired space, they get to see a virtual image of the product, overlaid on real world surrounding.

Argos, the British retailer has recently introduced AR in its catalogue, which will provide customers with games, videos, 3D models and more, when they scan the desired pages of the catalogue with the Argos app.

Virtual Trials with Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, retail industry can benefit in many ways. It will provide customers with the option of trying out clothes virtually, without the need of entering into a trail room. They can also try out makeup, glasses, etc. virtually, thereby saving time and money.

Apart from these areas, the use of augmented reality is also found in automotive industry, manufacturing and more.

Augmented reality is the future of advertising and it has a large impact on the decision making capability of the consumers.

What do you think?

Have you used any AR app? Do you think augmented reality has the power to impact the consumers’ decision? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – digitaltrends.com

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