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Grow Financial Engages Users with Virtual Money Machine

Grow Financial Engages Users with Virtual Money Machine

One of the largest Credit Unions in Tampa Bay, Grow Financial recently shifted Tampa’s first virtual money machine to Westfield Citrus Park. For the last one and a half years, it was located at the Downtown Tampa store of Credit Union. The virtual money machine focuses on an interactive technology which has been designed by Inwindow Outdoor, a company based outside New York City. While the machine was in the Downtown store, it was really successful. The intention of Grow Financial, behind the installation of the virtual money machine was to provide financial services to the users in an exciting and engaging way.

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The Virtual Money Machine

The virtual money machine of Grow Financial is a motion reactive video mirror which uses augmented reality technology and a six screen high definition video wall. With this technology, the experience of the users becomes really interactive. A touch sensitive glass also adds to the smooth interaction. Users, who want to choose any offer or subscribe to emails, need to touch this glass. Both members as well as non-members can play this virtual money machine to get a chance of winning $25 to a checking account, $300 to a mortgage loan and $100 to an auto loan.

According to the CEO of Inwindow Outdoor, Steve Birnhak, the machine is a wonderful example of how a financial services company can use technology to reach out to the people in an interesting way and gain new customers in the process. By placing this large kiosk in a mall, it not only serves a practical purpose but also acts as a wonderful marketing platform.

Grow Financial

According to the Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Grow Financial, Brian Holloway, this is a great opportunity for the company to use digital technology in the virtual world. He also added that they are planning on creating new experiences so as to capture the guests’ attention at the Westfield Citrus Park.

Apart from a partnership with Inwindow Outdoor, which has helped to integrate augmented reality in the machine, The Credit Union has also used the service of Turbo Construction and AVI-SPL. Turbo Construction is a local contractor in Tampa Bay and AVI-SPL is one of the world’s leading video communications partner. The display system from the Downtown Tampa store was shifted by AVI-SPL to the Westfield Citrus Park area. A free-standing mounting system was designed by the company so that it could function properly at the new location without any problem.

With this move, Grow Financial plans to engage more people visiting the Westfield Citrus Park and encourage them to use the virtual money machine.

What do you think?

Do you think the virtual money machine is a good way to interact with the users? Should more financial service companies apply the same procedure? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – cunamarketingcouncil.org


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