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Augmented Reality: Technology that adds Virtual Realism to Real Estate

Augmented Reality: Technology that adds Virtual Realism to Real Estate

With the beginning of 21st century, booming real estate market experienced an economic downfall across the boundaries because of the financial crisis and difficulty in accessing the potential buyers. From thereon, the need of merchandising optimization and a new technology is felt in the traditional market to empower business and customer services

Massive use of mobile phones globally has helped number of businesses grow exponentially by providing best services to their customers. With incorporation of augmented reality in real estate, business could be globalize, improve customer engagement, ease the access to prospects and accelerate the sales.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the dawn of better piece of technology that allows the people to view the virtual world by overlaying the real world with any digital device. The coolest 3D technology yields all the relevant audio, video, picture or information of any physical real world object in real time.

Revolutionary technology offers ample opportunities in real estate that made the life of prospects easier and benefits the realtors as well.

Let’s scratch the surface of groundbreaking technology, augmented reality and see how it is wowing the stakeholders.

1) Seize a competitive edge

For the real estate giants, it’s difficult to reach the prospective buyers worldwide and same holds for the customers as well. However, real estate business can reap the huge benefits by globalizing the marketing of their project after integrating augmented reality within their brochure.

With AR engineered solutions, many estate owners turn the table, instead of following the old aged methods. Now, the buyer by sitting in any corner of the world can get a feel of the development and location of the estate.

In fact, to stand out in the crowd, dozens of realtors and owners of estate are deploying AR applications that reduced marketing costs, draw more attention of prospective buyers and thereby generating more revenues.

2) Show prospects what they are buying

These days generating a lead is not a run-of-the-mill job because it’s tougher to let the customer invest in your project. In such case, you can engage and impress prospects by letting them to visualize how the building would look like in near future.

Even, AR customized applications allow the buyer to walkthrough the estate using their mobile device and drive quicker decisions. Also, prospects can select color, fabric and furniture options that enable deeper customer engagement.

3) Ease to access

AR apps speed up the communication with their customer and with geo-fencing feature, realtors can provide the right message at the right time. The service is available around the clock and neither client nor realtor has to wait for each other.

Also, difficulty in searching the estate area-wise for buying or for the rent could be eliminated. The customer just by pointing the device in any direction come to know whether there is possible space for the rent/ buy or not and interested prospects can immediately contact to the property owner.


Presently, over 864 million smart phone users have enabled AR technology on their mobiles. It hints with springing up AR solutions, real estate owners can achieve a major breakthrough. The technology lets you to drive time-efficient, impactful and lucrative business. So, just move ahead and get to the top by integrating augmented reality applications with your real estate project.

Image Source – jamesdearsley.co.uk

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