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Voxeet – Making Waves in Audio Conferencing

Voxeet – Making Waves in Audio Conferencing

Each year, people spend a total of more than 100 billion minutes on audio conference calls. That’s impressive, considering all of the complaints about poor audio quality and confusion about who’s talking, which can make each minute on some calls seem like a lifetime.

Frustrated by these choppy, staticky conference calls that made meetings confusing and ineffective, Voxeet’s founders determined that excellent sound is essential to collaboration—and that everyone deserves to experience it. They set out to redefine the audio conferencing space and today, this Sausalito, CA based company is making “waves”. The new generation of Voxeet’s apps available on Mac, PC Android, iOS, eliminates those and other major conference-calling headaches, freeing participants to focus on the discussion.

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Built from the ground up for mobile users, Voxeet 2.0 is redefining conferencing with calls that feel as natural as being in the same room. With exceptionally clear 3DHD audio, an intuitive interface and one-click transfers between devices, you’ll hear every word and always know who’s talking, making every Voxeet meeting more efficient and effective.

How it Works

Designed to work across all devices but built first and foremost for mobile device users, Voxeet is straightforward to set up and simple to use. You simply download Voxeet to your PC, Mac, Apple or Android device, add your contacts and start conferencing.

Voxeet’s state-of-the-art technology uses immersive 3DHD sound to mimic the way the brain works when it’s interacting with multiple people. Voxeet assigns callers to individual audio streams, allowing you to hear each caller’s voice coming from a distinctive place.

In addition to these audio cues, Voxeet’s intuitive interface makes sure you always know who’s talking. Each caller has a unique avatar that you can move around on your screen (taking the caller’s voice with it), creating a virtual conference room you can organize any way you like.

Combined with it’s noise suppression technology and wideband audio quality, Voxeet delivers unparalleled sound without the interference of background noise, echo or talk-over. 

The straightforward setup makes scheduling and attending meetings so simple, you never have to Dial-In or use a PIN—Voxeet calls you. With its uncomplicated calling and unparalleled sound quality, Voxeet makes it easy to connect through conferencing on any device, anywhere.

But don’t take out work for it. Try Voxeet – and you too will be a believer.

Image Source – http://www.michelleyu-design.com

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