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Wall Climbing becomes Interactive with Augmented Reality

Wall Climbing becomes Interactive with Augmented Reality

Have you ever imagined that wall climbing at your gym might turn out to be interactive? Well, that is now completely possible, thanks to augmented reality technology. Tackling a climbing wall will help you in many ways. It is a great way to exercise. It improves your hand-eye coordination and it is extremely helpful for those who are keen on learning mountaineering skills. Now with incorporation of the amazing AR technology, wall climbing will take a completely new meaning. You will be able to associate interactivity with wall climbing which will make the activity even more interesting.

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Wall Climbing with Augmented Reality

Researchers at the Aalto University in Finland have made this process possible. They have used Kinect sensors and projectors to transform wall climbing into interactive games. The Kinect sensor tracks the position of the climbers on the wall and the augmented reality projections guide an amateur climber to take the next best step. Climbers can also improve their wall climbing technique by seeing the replay that is recorded when they first complete a climbing session. They can then see where they went right or wrong. The projected line can be modified by others who are on the ground and guide them during the climbing process.

The Game

The game feature in the entire process encourages climbers to move about on the wall while they try to avoid a giant chainsaw that is projected through augmented reality. This game feature takes the entire wall climbing process to a different level.

Currently the setup is being used in a lab. But the team of researchers is working on creating a prototype which will be put in an actual gym for the members to use. The use of projectors and Xbox’s Kinect sensor makes the implementation of this setup, possible anywhere. This fall, it is expected to be installed in an indoor facility so that climbers can start improving their climbing skills.

What about you?

Have you ever gone for a wall climbing session? Would you like to enjoy such augmented reality projections while in a gym? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – augmentyka.pl

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