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Augmented Reality in Workplace

Augmented Reality in Workplace

The use of augmented reality technology is steadily growing. Previously it was only used for entertainment or gaming purpose. But now, it is also used in various sectors like medicine, education, military, etc. Another important area where this technology can be really helpful is in the workplace. The features of augmented reality can increase the productivity of a workplace significantly. According to Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory firm, the use of AR will be prevalent in offices in the future. Let us see how AR can be used in workplaces.

How can AR be beneficial in Workplace?

AR can not only used in corporate offices but also in industries.

  • With AR, objects which generate radiation or heat can be quickly identified. This information will help workers to find potential fire hazards. This in turn will help keep the office environment safe. For example, firefighters can easily use AR to find potentially dangerous areas, the layout and the temperature of a burning building. With this information, they can easily douse the fire.
  • It can also guide employees of that workplace during low visibility conditions in case of any mishap. The technology will show them in which direction to go and what to do. This will lessen the time that they spend in such hazardous conditions.
  • AR can also be used to know information like the size, distance or level of danger of any object that would be risky for the workers.
  • Apart from reducing work hazards, AR can also be used to help business processes and improve productivity of the workplace by blurring the difference between digital and real world. It can provide employees with practical experience. With increased information availability, workers will be benefitted and can deliver better results.
  • Access to real time data through augmented reality is another way via which workers can be benefitted.
  • AR technology provides news ways to envision problems and their solutions.
  • It also helps in increasing collaboration among the workers.
  • Employee training and project management will also be easier with augmented reality.

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AR application in Industries

While corporate offices will be immensely benefited with the use of augmented reality, this technology will be most useful for industries. In industries, workers cannot get information on anything immediately during their need. This is because they either have jobs which require them to pay attention on the operator and use both their hands or they work in fields. In such cases, AR can turn out to be the most important tool.

However, before companies and industries start using augmented reality, they should make an assessment about how they can use this technology to get the required benefits and ultimately increase their productivity and keep their workplace safe.

Image Source – www.upsidelearning.com

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