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Cimagine AR App Lets You Virtually Furnish an Empty Room

Cimagine AR App Lets You Virtually Furnish an Empty Room

Augmented reality apps make shopping easier for consumers. Instead of trying out clothes in real life, they can try them on virtually and...

WiSee Human Gesture Identification prototype

WiSee:Redefining Human Gesture Identification

WiSee, a novel interaction interface, allows whole-home sensing as well as recognition of human gestures using the ongoing wireless...

Augmented Reality for vehicles

Vehicles Get Transparent with Augmented Reality

Drivers can now see what is happening in front of a car or bus moving in front of them, thanks to augmented reality technology.

Two Left Feet – Augmented Reality

Two Left Feet: Augmented Reality for a 3D Animated Experience

Two Left Feet, the magical tale of Adam Stower now comes to life with a 3D animated adventure, using augmented reality.

vrAse –Virtual Reality Case

vrAse:Virtual Reality Case for Smartphone

vrAse turns your smartphone into an ultimate device for augmented reality, games and movies with huge 3D screen!

ipad Structure Sensor

Turn your iPad into 3D Scanner with Structure Sensor

Structure Sensor, designed for iPad, allows users to 3D scan objects, build a digital model of a room with accurate measurements, and play...

UNTHA UK Augmented Reality

UNTHA UK Uses Augmented Reality to Attract Attention at RWM 2013

UNTHA UK attracted much of the viewers’ attention at RWM 2013, the prestigious recycling exhibition, by using augmented reality...

Busch-Jaeger Welcome-3D App

Welcome 3D: Enriching the Real World with Augmented Reality

This augmented reality app is developed by Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH for both iOS and Android devices. Welcome-3D helps users to test how...

Wild Medicine Augmented Reality App

Wild Medicine: An Augmented Reality App to Discover Plant Healing Properties

Developed by The New York Botanical Garden, Wild Medicine is an innovative augmented reality app. This is, in fact, the official app of the...

Volkswagen augmented reality

Virtual Showrooms for Car Buyers

Augmented reality now brings virtual showrooms for car buyers. Young car buyers are more reluctant to visit car showrooms and prefer to...