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Category: Augmented Reality Glasses

Blippar Augmented Reality Demo for google glass

Blippar Demos New Augmented Reality Application with Google Glass

The demonstration was given at an event that was held at the penthouse of Danny Lopez, the British Consul General, located in the New York...


Epson Releases Moverio BT-200 AR Smart Glasses Commercially

Using the patented central technologies of Epson, Moverio BT-200 provides a binocular smart glass experience that is optimized for AR...

Google Glass powered by solar energy

Solar Energy to Power Google Glass?

Video streaming and recording can be done through this augmented reality glass, which consumes lot of power. For this reason, an innovative...

K-Glass-with AR processor

K-Glass: A Head Mounted Display with In-built AR Processor

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has successfully created a high performance head mounted display (HMD) with...

Google Glass in Healthcare

How Google Glass could Affect Healthcare?

Google Glass is yet to make its official debut, but consumers from different sections of the society are eagerly becoming Glass Explorers.


The Matt Hat: Augmented Reality Head-up-Display

A PhD from Melbourne, Matt Kwan has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a cheap augmented reality head-up display called the Matt Hat.

Pocketbook’s AR App

Manage your Money with Pocketbook’s AR App for Google Glass

Pocketbook, a startup based in Australia, has developed an augmented reality app for Google Glass, which will help you to manage your money...

Blippar Image Recognition Technology

Blippar Image Recognition Technology for Google Glass

Blippar, the leading mobile image-recognition platform for publishers, brands and advertisers, today showcases the first-ever image...

SeeThru AR Headset by LASTER

Get Complimentary SeeThru AR Headset for Kickstarter Referrals

LASTER recently announced a ‘Three for Free’ and ‘Four for Free’ Kickstarter referral program, where consumers can refer people to...

Icis- Augmented Reality Glass

Icis- The Fashionable Augmented Reality Glass

Laforge Optical have created Icis with the intention of not only providing a stylish look to the wearers but also making it an easy to use...