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Category: Augmented Reality Retail

Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail

How to Create an Immersive Augmented Reality Campaign for Retail?

The use of augmented reality by retailers for creating effective campaigns is increasing at a rapid rate. With these campaigns they hope to...

Argos Augmented Reality Catalogues

Argos Brings Augmented Reality Catalogues for its Consumers

Argos, the British retailer operating in the UK and Ireland, has brought augmented reality to their catalogues. Users can flip through...


The Future of Retail- Augmented Reality & Beacon Technology

With the innovation of new technologies, the retail industry is undergoing a vast change. The industry is embracing the latest technologies...


NET-A-PORTER’s Augmented Reality Campaign for its 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Net-a-porter.com, the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer for women, has unveiled an augmented reality campaign for its 2014...


Sportsgirl Updates its AR App & Launches Digital Windows

Australian fashion retailer ‘Sportsgirl’ is introducing another new innovative platform for providing a next generation shopping...

Spectapp-augmented-reality platform

Coperon Technologies Teams Up with Spectapp

With this technology, layers of digital information in the form of videos, audios, or photos are added on top of the physical world items...

IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App

Tesco Uses IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App for Shelf Stacking

IBM is collaborating with Tesco, one of the leading retailers of the world to ensure that its in-store displays are arranged according to...

Amazon Augmented Reality App-Flow

Amazon Augmented Reality App Makes Shopping Fun

Flow, which is an augmented reality app of Amazon, made its debut a couple of years back. Shoppers used to search for products using this...

Augmented Reality for Marketing

How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing Success?

Augmented reality can be a wonderful tool for making your brand promotion a success. If you are aware of the right approach, you can...


Top 10 Reasons why Retailers should use Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, consumers get a better brand experience and connect more with that brand.