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Category: Augmented Reality Solutions


Epson Releases Moverio BT-200 AR Smart Glasses Commercially

Using the patented central technologies of Epson, Moverio BT-200 provides a binocular smart glass experience that is optimized for AR...

AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment Provides AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment, a startup based in Paris has created an augmented reality app for the sales people. They have raised $1.5 million for the...

Metaio and Toywheel -AR Toys Competition

Metaio and Toywheel Teams up to Unveil “AR Toys Competition”

A global “AR Toys Competition” has been launched by Metaio and Toywheel together, where it shows how the world of today‘s kids, have...

Google Glass powered by solar energy

Solar Energy to Power Google Glass?

Video streaming and recording can be done through this augmented reality glass, which consumes lot of power. For this reason, an innovative...

Sand Noise-device -augmented-reality-synthesizer

Sand Noise Device- A Combination of Generative Synthesizer and Augmented Reality

Sand Noise Voice, a generative and augmented reality synthesizer was one of the installations that caught the eye in this year’s...

Bunch of Beats App

Singer Fonseca Performs to Launch Bunch of Beats App

Honey Bunches of Oats, a product of Post Foods LLC., hosted a private concert to launch its augmented reality app Bunch of Beats.

Augmented Reality Gravestones

Cemeteries Come to Life with Augmented Reality Gravestones

Imagine cemeteries coming to life with images and videos of the deceased! While it might sound absolutely weird, a Spanish company has...


Augmented Reality App mARble to Help Medical Students Learn

With mARble, virtual diseases are projected on healthy subjects. This will give the students an added experience while they are attending...

Epic MAR-Augmented Reality Browser

Mobile Augmented Reality Browser- Epic MAR

EPIC Systems, an independent Information Technology services company had developed a mobile augmented reality browser named Epic MAR.

Up at the O2 app

IMImobile Partners with O2 to develop “Up at The O2” App

This is a Windows app which will provide an enhanced experience to the users who visit The O2. Visitors get a chance to climb a 52 meter...