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Category: Augmented Reality Solutions


Voxeet – Making Waves in Audio Conferencing

Designed to work across all devices but built first and foremost for mobile device users, Voxeet is straightforward to set up and simple to...

Social AR App-CYFY

Independent Developer Launches Social AR App-CYFY

Owen Fayle, an independent developer with more than 14 years of experience in the software industry, has developed a social augmented...

Homesnap AR Real Estate App

Homesnap AR Real Estate App Gets an Update

This AR real estate app is powered by real-time MLS listings. These listings are also used by real estate agents.

Theodolite AR Navigation App

Get 50% Off on Theodolite AR Navigation App

Theodolite App consists of a compass, rangefinder, a map, two-axis inclinometer, tracker, GPS, navigation calculator and geo-tag photo or...

Toy Car RC AR App

Toywheel Launches “Toy Car RC” Augmented Reality App

Toywheel, a startup based in Berlin, is one such manufacturer which has created an augmented reality app where the digital and the real...


MY IVECO App Lets You Access Valuable Services of Iveco

Iveco, an industrial vehicle and bus manufacturing company, based in Italy, has launched an augmented reality app named MY IVECO.

Land Rover augmented reality

See Through Land Rover with Augmented Reality

Land Rover’s ‘transparent bonnet’ (‘hood’ for Canadian and the US readers) uses a head-up display (HUD) and cameras which will...

Augmented Reality Marketing

Is Augmented Reality the Next Marketing “Killer-App”?- Infographic

AR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time...

Cymplifi Augmented Reality Fashion

Cymplifi Unveils Its Fashion Augmented Reality App

Cymplifi Inc, a startup based in California released its first fashion augmented reality app which will work for numerous brands and users...


Animal Planet & Fuzzy Frog Releases AR App Real Scary Spiders

Real Scary Spiders, an augmented reality app has been released by Discovery Communications and developed by Fuzzy Frog. The app lets users...