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Retail Brings Mobile Commerce to the Mass Market

The Internet of things that use Radio-frequency identification or RFID like near field communication, barcodes, and QR codes are further...

retail and mobile commerce

Cautious Consumers causes Lowest Retail Sales

As the buyers remain ‘cautious’ this year, retail sales drops to its lowest level. In September, the retail industry suffered the worst...

New World Little Shop augmented reality

Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented reality is already doing a lot of wonders in the retail segment; now imagine adding a fridge to your smartphone or tablet.

Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive: The Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive brings retail to life, facilitating e-commerce and mobile shopping from virtually anywhere.

ecommerce and mobile shopping

Baby Boomers Prefer E-Commerce over Mobile Shopping

When it comes to interactive shopping, reports and trends show that baby boomers favor desktop shopping over mobile commerce sites. Though...

augmented reality ecommerce

Augmented Reality in the World of Commerce

Customers, these days, shop with their phones by merely pointing the device to the object of their choice. QR codes have charmed a lot of...

QR Codes and augmented reality

QR Codes Morphed into Virtual Reality: Part 2

We have already discussed why most QR campaigns failed in the past and why it is important for the marketers to understand what went wrong...

QR Codes and Virtual Reality

QR Codes Morphed into Virtual Reality: Part 1

In 2011, hardly 6.2 percent of mobile audience of the United States used their mobile devices to scan a QR code. However, these funky...


Augmented Reality and Its Impact in Marketing Sector

Understanding the potential of augmented reality, advertisers are embracing the technology more aggressively to market their products. For...

augmented reality marketing

Augmented Reality: What Scope will it Create for Marketers?

It is the quirky brand extension that makes augmented reality a popular concept worldwide. Initiated as mediated reality, this concept was...