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Augmented reality shopping

Is Marketers Ready to Explore the Potentials of Experiential Shopping?

Augmented reality technology has already proved its potential to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers. Thus, it is no surprise...

augmented reality shopping

How Augmented Reality can Change Buyers Shopping Experience?

More numbers of brands are incorporating new technologies to completely change the shopping experience of their buyers. And it is just not...

Augmented Reality Retail

Augmented Reality Retail Trends: Now & Then

The future of shopping after the emergence of augmented reality apps for mobile commerce is nothing less than a dystopian sci-fi that you...

Mondelēz World Travel Retail augmented reality

Mondelez World Travel Retail Uses Augmented Reality for Consumer Engagement

Mondelēz World Travel Retail along with Gebr Heinemann to introduce their first in-store promotion for the company’s chewing gum...

Mobile Commerce Platform

The Evolution of Mobile Commerce Powered by Augmented Reality

With the growing demands of augmented reality apps and tools in retail and m-commerce, a number of companies are experimenting with the...

Mobile Commerce

SeeMore Interactive Offers Exciting Level of Product Interaction

The scope for improving mobile shopping experience of the buyers was never better, thanks to the emergence of augmented reality technology....