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Category: Mobile Commerce

Mobile Payment Programs-pros and cons

A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons of Mobile Payment Programs

Ever since the release of Apple Pay, mobile payment has come into focus again. While Google Wallet had caused a stir in the mobile commerce...

Apple Pay- The New NFC Payment Feature

Apple Pay- The New NFC Payment Feature for iPhone

With the launch of the latest iPhone 6, Apple has introduced new features which will make the user experience even better than before. One...

Google Wallet vs Apple iWallet

Google Wallet vs Apple Pay- Which Is The Best For You?

Use of mobile devices for making purchases has now become a common practice among consumers. Google had tried to tap in this behavior with...


Retailers Affinity Boosts Mobile Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the technologies which retailers and brands are increasingly using for promoting their products and services...

Geotagging in Mobile Marketing

The Impact of Geotagging in Mobile Marketing

Geotagging and mobile technology has made life incredibly and undeniably easy. Finding places, restaurants and stores was never this easy.

Image Recognition technology

Image Recognition to Add New Dimension to Retail Environments

Mobile devices are driving the future of computing. It not only helps us to remain connected, but also provides unique solutions to...

Mobile Commerce Platform

The Evolution of Mobile Commerce Powered by Augmented Reality

With the growing demands of augmented reality apps and tools in retail and m-commerce, a number of companies are experimenting with the...